Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent Weddings at Liberty

Liberty was host to two weddings this past weekend. Both couples were able to get married outside with a lush green mountain and beautiful blue sky as their backdrop.

The first wedding was held at the resort's main lodge area. The outdoor ceremony was held on the Alpine Patio (first one since its redesign last year) and the reception was held in the newly redesigned Alpine Room. Here are some pictures of the outdoor ceremony set-up before the wedding events began:

Gorgeous flower arrangements!

The second wedding was held at the Boulder Ridge Lodge. After clouds of rain swept through, the ceremony was held outside at the gazebo. Before the guests arrived, we were able to get some great shots of the reception details. Theme for this wedding: paper cranes - over 1000 of them!

Some tables had bamboo centerpieces - a great place to hang the paper cranes.

Paper cranes everywhere! They were so beautiful.

With this being the last day of August, the end of wedding season is quickly approaching. There are still plenty more weddings to be had in September and October, however, and we'll be sure to share those wedding stories with you. Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Lift Lifted At Liberty

The Eastwind Quad lift station wasn't the only thing to be "lifted" at Liberty Mountain. Late last week, the First Class Area Quad chairlift's bottom lift station was lifted four feet in the air!

To continue enhancing the Beginner Experience here at Liberty, it was essential that the bottom lift station of the First Class Area Quad be rearranged and improved. Raising the lift station four feet and remounting it atop four-foot "thimbles" will greatly help the loading process for skiers and boarders in the First Class Area. Instead of filtering down and in towards the lift station to load, skiers and boarders will now be able to move straight into the loading area, which should relieve overall congestion as well.

The large crane that was used to the lift the Eastwind Quad lift station a couple of weeks ago was used to complete our most recent lifting project. Even though the lift station weighs ton after ton, it didn't take long for the crane to make the move. Before we knew it, the lift station was remounted and ready to go.

Off the ground and in the air!

Repositioning for the remounting.

The Mountain Team will be working on the land up until ski season building up the earth and fully completing the project. Bring it on skiers and boarders! The First Class Area bottom lift station will be waiting for you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Liberty Wedding in Alpine

Now that the Alpine Room redesign is completely finished and looking very lodge-like, we are very excited to blog about the first wedding in the Alpine Room since the project completion.

On August 8th, the Alpine Room was "all the buzz" between the bride, groom, their families and guests, and our Liberty staff members. Everyone was very pleased with the way things looked against the Alpine Room's wood-accents and lodge-like atmosphere. The tables were covered with ivory linens which complemented the room's warm colors very nicely and the large windows allowed for beautiful sunlight to shine upon the wedding day's events.

The bride and groom decided to have both their ceremony and reception in the Alpine Room. The room's signature stone fireplace served as a centerpiece and background for the ceremony. Guests watched the ceremony from their dinner tables and immediately moved into a lively reception after the bride and groom "tied the knot." Take a look at how beautiful...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eastwind Quad: REMOVED!

The Eastwind Quad has been officially removed from the backside of the mountain! Below is a quick summary of the chairlift's remaining days on the mountain...

A large crane was brought in last week to handle all the big, last-minute stuff, including the removal of the chairlift's top station. It's not everyday you see a chairlift station "flying" in the air! We were so excited to catch some of the action.

All strapped in and ready to fly!

It's quite a site to see, isn't it?

One of the last things to do was to remove the final lift tower from the top of the mountain. It's not everyday you see a lift tower "flying" in the air either.

The new chairlift will be put in place over the next few months and will be ready for the new ski season. We'll keep you updated on its progression.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

$399 Season Pass ON SALE NOW!

Well, it's that time of year again! Time to get ready for the changing of the seasons, time to start thinking about what you are going to do this winter, and time to buy your Season Pass or Advantage Card!

There are approximately 121 days left until the start of the 2009-2010 winter season at Liberty. You can get ready for the new season now by purchasing a $399 Season Pass or Advantage Card.
  • The Season Pass is our direct-to-lift, all-access, all-mountain pass that's good all season long at all three resorts - Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail. And it's only $399!

  • The Advantage Card offers another great way to save. It's a discount and frequency card all-in-one! Receive 40% off each time you visit and receive every 6th visit free!

You can read more about the $399 Season Pass and Advantage Card here. After you read all the details and decide which pass or card is right for you, you can make your purchase online or by calling the resort at (717) 642-8282.

We hope to see you saving lots on the slopes this season with your $399 Season Passes and Advantage Cards!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boulder Ridge Challenge Course

The Boulder Ridge Challenge Course at Liberty is open year-round to groups of 10 or more. Perfect for teambuilding, the Challenge Course welcomes youth groups, large families, business retreats, and others. Both high and low elements are available to groups. Course guides will be available to walk your group through the different elements and to challenge them along the way. You can even spend an entire day with us - low elements in the morning, lunch break around Noon and high elements in the afternoon. Just think of how much stronger and closer your group would be after an entire day at the Challenge Course!

The high elements part of the course features a climbing wall and zip line which spark thrill and excitement in groups. The "Acid River" and "Spider Web" elements of the low course challenge groups to trust each other and strengthen their teambuilding skills.

Last week, Rockville's "Teens On the Go" camp participants visited the Boulder Ridge Challenge Course. They spent the afternoon flying and climbing high amongst the trees of the course.

Receiving instruction from their course guides...

First climbers of the day! These girls had been to the Challenge Course once before and were very anxious to try again!

The zip line is always popular.

Climbers can choose to scale the climbing wall or the cargo net to reach the top.

Think your group might be interested in conquering the climbing wall and other elements of the Boulder Ridge Challenge Course? Feel free to submit an event proposal or call the resort at (717) 642-8282 x3347 to find out more and book your outing today! Don't forget, you can also visit!