Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boulder Ridge Challenge Course

The Boulder Ridge Challenge Course at Liberty is open year-round to groups of 10 or more. Perfect for teambuilding, the Challenge Course welcomes youth groups, large families, business retreats, and others. Both high and low elements are available to groups. Course guides will be available to walk your group through the different elements and to challenge them along the way. You can even spend an entire day with us - low elements in the morning, lunch break around Noon and high elements in the afternoon. Just think of how much stronger and closer your group would be after an entire day at the Challenge Course!

The high elements part of the course features a climbing wall and zip line which spark thrill and excitement in groups. The "Acid River" and "Spider Web" elements of the low course challenge groups to trust each other and strengthen their teambuilding skills.

Last week, Rockville's "Teens On the Go" camp participants visited the Boulder Ridge Challenge Course. They spent the afternoon flying and climbing high amongst the trees of the course.

Receiving instruction from their course guides...

First climbers of the day! These girls had been to the Challenge Course once before and were very anxious to try again!

The zip line is always popular.

Climbers can choose to scale the climbing wall or the cargo net to reach the top.

Think your group might be interested in conquering the climbing wall and other elements of the Boulder Ridge Challenge Course? Feel free to submit an event proposal or call the resort at (717) 642-8282 x3347 to find out more and book your outing today! Don't forget, you can also visit www.skiliberty.com!

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