Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Lift Lifted At Liberty

The Eastwind Quad lift station wasn't the only thing to be "lifted" at Liberty Mountain. Late last week, the First Class Area Quad chairlift's bottom lift station was lifted four feet in the air!

To continue enhancing the Beginner Experience here at Liberty, it was essential that the bottom lift station of the First Class Area Quad be rearranged and improved. Raising the lift station four feet and remounting it atop four-foot "thimbles" will greatly help the loading process for skiers and boarders in the First Class Area. Instead of filtering down and in towards the lift station to load, skiers and boarders will now be able to move straight into the loading area, which should relieve overall congestion as well.

The large crane that was used to the lift the Eastwind Quad lift station a couple of weeks ago was used to complete our most recent lifting project. Even though the lift station weighs ton after ton, it didn't take long for the crane to make the move. Before we knew it, the lift station was remounted and ready to go.

Off the ground and in the air!

Repositioning for the remounting.

The Mountain Team will be working on the land up until ski season building up the earth and fully completing the project. Bring it on skiers and boarders! The First Class Area bottom lift station will be waiting for you.

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