Friday, March 5, 2010

Event-Packed February

One thing is for sure - February was full of snow. The first half of the month gave us record-breaking snowfall which meant snow up past our knees and snow heaven for skiers and boarders. While the second half of February was as snow-packed, it was definitley event-packed with tons of poular and exciting happenings. From start to finish, we certainly kept ourselves busy in February...

February 19th - Bacon & Beer with 98 Rock's Mickey, Amelia and Spiegel. Always a good time.

February 19th-21st - 80's Weekend! One of our most popular events. Totally tubular!

February 21st - 80's Weekend Boarder/SkierCross. We had 92 participants! One of the biggest
turnouts in terrain park history!

February 27th - Liberty Front Nine Terrain Park Outing. A new terrain park event that emphasized learning, gaining experience and just having fun.

March is already shaping up to an eventful month as well. This weekend, March 6 and 7, we've got our second annual Spring Break on the Slopes and Coors Triple Crown Race. Next weekend, March 13 and 14, we're holding one of our most popular events of the season - SPRINGFEST and Pond Skimming! If you can, visit our mountain on these upcoming weekends for a hoppin' good time on the slopes!

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