Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So What Else Is New At Liberty?

We've already mentioned the return of the $399 Season Pass, the removal and replacement of the Eastwind Quad chairlift on the backside of the mountain, the redesign of the Alpine Room, the lifting of the First Class Area Quad chairlift, and other projects like the filling in of the halfpipe, the laying of new snowmaking pipelines, the Alpine Patio expansion, and finally, the Bakery redesign.

So what else is new at Liberty?

Believe it or not, there's tons more to mention when it comes to new and exciting projects at Liberty. Here's what else:

Group Sales and Ski School are receiving a complete renovation of their office areas. Not only will this be added convenience for our employees, but also our guests participating in lessons and group visits. The renovation should be done soon. Here's what one half of The Learning Center Lobby looked like mid-reno:

In an effort to support the ski industry's latest helmet safety initiative, we are adding hundreds of new helmets to our rental inventory. Helmet use will be a top priority during our mountain safety campaign this upcoming season so we are happy to announce that more skiers and boarders will have the opportunity to rent helmets during their visit to our mountain.

We are also adding another groomer to our family - the Pisten Bully 600. It's one of the biggest and best of its kind so we're pumped to see what kind of results it will produce this winter. Here's a picture of one of our current groomers. Just imagine something bigger and bolder, and that's the 600.

Check out all the details on these, and other new and exciting additions on our website.

Friday, September 4, 2009

September Is Here - Winter Is Near!

It's already September 4th. Wow. Where has this summer gone? Have you been as busy as we've been here at Liberty? Maybe that's what's been keeping the time going by so quickly...

We were warned yesterday at our general staff meeting that the Mountain Team will look to start making snow in 90 days. 90 DAYS! That's like three months away! OK, so it is three months away, but doesn't that number just hit you like a ton of bricks!?! With the way time has been flying by recently, 90 days is not a long time.

September is here, which means winter is near, and we'll be ready for the new season with our latest and greatest resort upgrades!

Well all, the halfpipe is officially gone. The area has been filled in and will be better utilized as a progression area from now on. Such a big, open space, isn't it? What more could we do this area?? ;)

There's also been some movement of the land between the Vertigo and West Side terrain parks. Snowmaking pipelines are being installed...

The Alpine Patio expansion is just about complete. Can you just imagine the amazing mountain views you're going to get from here in the winter time!?

The Bakery redesign is well on its way. The new look is definitely taking shape, and looking more like our Alpine Room and Alpine Market.

More pictures to come on these Liberty projects. Remember, 90 days until we start making snow....