Monday, December 7, 2009


You asked, you waited patiently and you asked again: "Liberty Mountain, when's the snow coming?"

Well, y'all, the SNOW IS HERE! Snowmaking began on Saturday night and has been in progress since. The trails are taking shape, the mountain looks beautiful dressed in white and the season is almost here! We went outside this morning to capture a few shots of the winter beauty and new snow....

And just so it feels and looks a little more like winter, here's some more shots of the resort...

Signs are being hung...Who's hungry for Sneaky's Pizza, the Alpine Market and McKee's Tavern?

The new bathrooms are looking stellar! Some claim they are some of the most automated, touch-free bathrooms around.

You'll definitely want to check these out - touch-free hand dryers! Just stick your wet hands down the middle of the dryer and be amazed as the overwhelming power of air blows the water right off! Pretty darn cool!

The Basket Check and Locker Room areas are shaping up and getting ready for the season...

And the Admin Office is dressed for Christmas. Check out our gingerbread house made by Tracy, our Administrative Assistant. Thanks Tracy!

We'll keep you updated on snowmaking and opening day plans as things progress. The resort is definitely gearing up and almost ready for a new season, so don't worry, we'll be open as soon as possible. It's almost time to TAKE A SNOW DAY!

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