Monday, October 26, 2009

8 weeks, 56 days, 1344 hours, 80640 minutes

That's how much time we've got left until winter officially begins. For those of you who aren't quite ready for the cold and snowy weather of winter, such numbers may make the season seem too close. But for those snow-sneeking enthusiasts out there, the season may seem far away. Too far away. So which sounds shorter? 8 weeks, 56 days, 1344 hours or 80640 minutes?

Below are a few pictures recently taken at the resort. The trees are covered in fall colors and our mountain, as well as nearby mountains, are looking gorgeous. And just think, in a few short weeks (less than 8 because we'll be making snow before winter officially arrives) our mountain could be filling up with snow.

Beautiful Boulder Ridge Lodge.

The Boulder Ridge Gazebo ready for a fall wedding.

The roadway leading up to Boulder Ridge and the backside of the mountain is breath-taking. Wouldn't mind getting lost on this road for a while, huh?

If you'd like to see some of the fall colors of Liberty, hurry up and visit. Before we know it, November will be here and the leaves will be gone.

You should also hurry if you haven't bought your 2009-10 Season Pass. For only $399, you can ski and board all season long at three mountains - Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop. This offer is only good through October 31st so treat yourself this Halloween and buy a Season Pass Today! Check out our website for all the details. And remember, there is only 8 weeks left until winter officially arrives, but the Liberty winter season will start earlier...

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