Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Liberty Projects Continue

As we promised in yesterday's blog post, here are some updates on Liberty's projects!

The Alpine Patio that was redesigned last summer, is being expanded this summer! The Alpine Patio expansion will lay parallel to the fence that separates the swimming pool from the base area grass. The expansion will add a whole new section for seating and entertainment during the season, and during events. We may even see some colorful adirondak chairs with this new expansion which will be great for kicking back and watching the slopes.

Here's a closer look at the expansion: the round picnic tables are sitting on the existing patio; beyond the tables is where construction for the expansion is taking place.

This is where the Demo Center used to be located. The patio expansion will be just a few feet away from one of our base area snow guns, and from the base area snow in winter.

Here it is! The expansion! Just imagine yourself kicking back and relaxing on an adirondack chair, watching the slopes and taking in the wintery atmosphere. It's going to be grand!

Another Liberty project that is taking place this summer is the redesign of the Bakery. The area has been completely gutted to make room for new furniture, new decor, and new bathrooms. Here's what the Bakery redesign looks like today:

Completely different, right? The Bakery redesign will include warm, rich colors and inviting furniture to go along with the color scheme and atmosphere of the Alpine Market. Think Panera Bread meets the ski slopes and you'll have a pretty good idea of what our new Bakery will look like in a few months.

Our Bakery won't look exactly like a Panera Bread and won't be near as large, but it will certainly have the same feel. Here's what a typical Panera Bread looks like just in case you've never been to one:

Here's another Bakery example to help you envision what our new Bakery will look like come winter:

One feature of the Bakery redesign that we are most excited about is the arrangement of seating. Remember how the old Bakery was set up? You ordered your food at the various counters that laid parallel to the windows and you sat alongside the opposing wall. Well we're doing a little switch-a-roo! The Bakery itself, all its counters and other necessities will be alongside the wall and the seating area will run parallel to the windows, giving you a beautiful view of the mountain while dining. You can sit and enjoy your hot chocolate, yummy cinnamon rolls and Starbucks coffee all while taking in the beautiful outdoor scenery. It'll be a little bit like this, except with a beautifully snow-covered mountain outside:

Well, we hope that gets you excited for Liberty's summer projects and the improvements you'll see at the resort this winter. We've also got the replacement of the Eastwind Quad Chairlift to update you on so keeping checking the blog for the latest news! In the meantime, check out our Photo Gallery at skiliberty.com to see what's been going on at the resort over the past few months.

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