Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Demo Center Move

Resort projects continue at Liberty. Lift improvements are being made and the Alpine Room re-design is coming along nicely. Pretty soon we should see wooden beams stretched across the ceiling of the room!

Meanwhile, outside, the Mountain Team has been working on the relocation of the Demo Center. In efforts to "spice up" the base area, we've decided that the Demo Center building will be used elsewhere on the mountain. On Monday, the Mountain Team moved the Demo Center building from its base area home.

Here is where the Demo Center used to be:

Here is where the Demo Center building will live until final decisions have been made about its new location:
For those of you that have been to Liberty in the winter and seen the Demo Center in the base area, doesn't it look weird to see it placed elsewhere?

As of right now, all demo services will be done in the Sports Shop during the winter season, so no worries. Just because the Demo Center isn't available anymore, that doesn't mean that the demo services won't be available anymore. Overall, there are still some demo service logistics to be worked out. Look for the Demo Center in its new location (TBD) next season.

OK, so it's not the most exciting news, but every small project allows us to get closer to the larger project of improving the resort for our guests as much as we can for the new season. We are just super excited about what's new for our resort! We are hope you are, too.

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  1. you should defiantly leave that building in the park for a place to chill and take out the useless pipe!!!